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In this case. my decision to not carry Glaser safety slugs is based primarily on the fact that I don't think they work based on scientific evidence. But adding to that is the fact that if I ever had to fire, my actions would be subject to review by people who are probably not well versed in defensive pistol knowledge and would they base their ...

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9mm Glaser Blue Safety Slug 80 Grain +P Ammo – 20 Rounds Glaser Blue Safety Slugs were developed specifically for U.S. Sky Marshals who needed handgun loads suitable for use during air travel. Providing the perfect balance of penetration and fragmentation, these Safety Slugs are perfect for self-defense.

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Glaser Safety Slugs use unusually lightweight bullets at higher than normal velocity. This means your gun will almost certainly shoot to a very different point of aim than it does with conventional ammunition. The Glaser lightweight, pre-fragmented bullet is designed for easy break-up and minimal penetration.

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GLASER. Click below to view individual products ... PRB 9MM+P 100GR POW'RBALL 20PK PRB 9MM+P 100GR POW'RBALL 20PK: GLA 45ACP SAFETY SLUG GLA 45ACP SAFETY SLUG: PRB ...

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CorBon Ammo Glaser 44 Special 135 Grain Safety Slug [GL03800/20] - Ammo Freedom carries corbon ammunition and centerfire handgun rounds. Find corbon 44 special ammo for sale online, in-stock and ready-to-ship.

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CorBon Ammo Glaser 44 Special 135 Grain Safety Slug [GL03800/20] - Ammo Freedom carries corbon ammunition and centerfire handgun rounds. Find corbon 44 special ammo for sale online, in-stock and ready-to-ship.

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Corbon 9mm 100-grain "PowRball" +P and Browning Mk III Hi Power . Visually similar to the Glaser Safety Slug, Corbon's PowRball is an entirely different round. It weighs 20-grains more, but retains the round nose profile for reliable feeding. It is a +P round and has an advertised velocity of 1475 ft/sec.

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9mm Makarov (9x18mm) 75 gr Glaser Blue Safety Slug (6 rds) 00700 $18.99 $11.95. PLEASE VERIFY that you are purchasing this ammunition for a firearm chambered in 9mm Makarov or 9x18mm Makarov. Firearms chambered in this caliber are primarily pistols manufactured in former Easter Bloc countries.

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9mm x 19 SXT Black Talon (USA) 9mm x 19 Core Shot Pre-Fragmented (USA) 9mm x 19 Glaser Safety Slug + P Blue Tip (USA) 9mm x 19 Glaser Safety Slug + P Silver Tip (USA) 9mm x 19 Hydrashok (USA) 9mm x 19 +P+ Controlled Expansion (USA) 9mm x 19 Magsafe Agent (USA) 9mm x 19 MAP (USA) 9mm x 19 Shocker (USA)

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Glaser Safety Slug is a frangible bullet made by Cor-Bon/Glaser, a subsidiary of Dakota Ammo, an American ammunition company based in Sturgis, South Dakota.The Glaser Safety Slug was developed by Jack Canon in 1975, the same year the company was founded by Armin Glaser. History. The original round was a hand-made hollow point bullet filled with No. 12 birdshot (0.05") with a flat polymer cap.
Alot of defensive ammunition comes packed 20 to a box,and the price varies for the caliber.In .40 S&W they average $13. for the 180 gr. Winchester SXT,$15. for the Corbon 135 gr. JHP,and the Federal Hydra Shoks are around $13. for the 165 gr. and 135 gr.The .45 acp costs close to the same but a little more for some.For the same amount of money I can buy 50 rounds with a Gold Dot bullet,and + P ...
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Each round is exceptionally accurate and has minimal ricochet. Glaser Safety Slugs are an excellent choice for personal protection in the home where over penetration may be a concern but ballistic performance is still important. Technical Information; Muzzle Velocity: 1500 fps; Muzzle Energy: 399 ft lbs

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Also known as: 9mm., 9mm Luger (9x19), 9mm Luger, 9mm Luger +P, 9 mm Luger, 9 mm +P, 9 mm, 9 mm+P, 9mm +P German manufacturer Deutsche Waffen and Munitionsfabriken introduced the 9 mm cartridge in 1902.
40 S&W 115 gr Glaser Blue Safety Slug | 6 Round Blister Pack Shipping Details Please Click Here to View our List of Restricted States, Cities, Counties, and Locations Prior to Ordering Ammo, Guns, & Magazines Nov 16, 2014 · I see that people continue to diss the Glaser Safety Slug. Let me tell you about my personal experience with the Glaser Safety Slug. Back when the Charter Arms Bulldog was the hot CCW wheelgun rig, I had one of the nice stainless steel versions, with the spurless hammer, and the well shaped, long, but slender synthetic stocks.